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Our milestones are mapped out in a Gantt chart:

Upcycled Aromatics' initial goal is the successful construction and operation of our first commercial plant, which generates revenue. The primary requirement for this is the development of a Pseudomonas putida strain that produces shikimic acid and cinnamic acid - in high enough yields to generate positive cash flow. The hypothetical design of the strain, including host organism selection, schematic of the metabolic engineering and biobrick design has already been completed. The next step is the development of an actual genetically engineered strain, which will take two to three years. This includes development of both constitutively- and inducibly-expressed genetic constructs, and knocking out undesired genes in the metabolic pathway from glucose to cinnamic acid. Proof of conceptual models and prototype strains will be continuously tested in a pilot-scale bioreactor. By the fourth year, a commercialized strain with acceptable yields should be ready to be utilized. Subsequent research on yield improvement and process optimization will take place concurrently with the launch and operation of our first commercial plant. The funding for strain development and construction of the first commercial plant will be acquired from angle investors and other seed funds.

While strain development is taking place, our company will take steps toward our first plant. Contracts for the cellulosic feedstock and site on which to place our plant attachment will be signed with paper recycling companies - ideally those with significant waste streams. Our new technology for chemical production will be actively advertised to potential customers, such as specialty chemical companies , through face-to-face contacts with the companies. When the commercialized strain is ready, primary sales agreement with buyers should be signed. Also, we will acquire a patent in order to protect our unique process for chemical production. Necessary regulatory approvals will be obtained.

By the fifth year, the first commercial plant will be built and attached to the first supplier paper recycling plant. Operational test will take place for at least an year before any expansion. The ultimate goal is to expand across North America and worldwide.

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