Team:Alberta-North-RBI E/Achievements


Upcycled Aromatics was hard at work during Summer-Fall 2012 – listed below are the accomplishments directly attributable to student members of our team.


Technology Development

~ Obtained feedstock stream characteristics, mass balance and volume data
~ Conceptual design of process
~ Feasibility assessment
~ Established design requirements
~ Addressed potential process-related hurdles
~ Toured Edmonton Waste Management Centre
~ Researched and selected bioreactor type
~ Researched and selected bioreactor conditions

~ Researched and selected host organism
~ Researched metabolic pathways of P. putida
~ Researched and planned metabolic engineering strategy

~ Designed key BioBricks in silico

Business Development

~ Researched Specialty Chemicals market and wrote assessment
~ Researched major global competitors
~ Economic evaluation of process
~ Developed milestones schedule (Gantt Chart)
~ Developed novel funding model
~ Developed long-term funding strategy
~ Developed marketing strategy
~ Addressed potential finance-related hurdles
~ Assessed environmental impacts
~ Assessed social impacts
~ Compiled Business plan

Intellectual Property Work

~ Researched IP landscape in USA & Canada

~ Sent 4 representatives to the McCarthy Tétrault Workshop: Patents and Regulation & Licensing-2012 Trends and Issues

~ Currently negotiating for a license from Michigan State University Technologies valued at an initial cost of $25,000 and 2% of our overall profit.

Public Outreach

~ Connected with industry representatives and obtained feedback on project

~ Hosted the "Standardization and Industrial Biotechnology – The Role of Synthetic Biology panel discussion

~ Presented “Biotech & iGEM & Upcycled Aromatics”seminar at St. Francis-Xavier High School

~ Helped to host the regional aGEM Jamboree held at the University of Alberta in September


~ Contacted potential sponsors

~ Raised funds to attend iGEM Jamboree & other events

~ Designed team logo and branding

~ Created “Upcycled Aromatics – Elevator Pitch” video

~ Created “Upcycled Aromatics – Project idea” video

~ Designed and built Upcycled Aromatics Wiki from scratch

~ Attended and presented at aGEM 2012 jamboree

**Special thanks to Dave for taking care of group bookings and travel plans**
**Special thanks to Stephen Jahns for his wiki-building mentorship**

Industrial Contacts - Information Providers

Student members of Upcycled Aromatics have had correspondence with the following industry representatives by email, telephone or in-person:

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