Team:MIT E/business



Benchling is a platform for life science data management. It allows scientists to edit, analyze, and share DNA sequence data.

Scientists build with DNA, just like programmers do with code. Major biotech companies account for 2% of the US GDP. Despite this value, there is no version control in life science. These companies have no cloud-based tools for facilitating collaboration and sharing between their scientists.


Benchling is built with modern web technologies and runs directly in the browser. This greatly reduces friction to on-board users and share sequence data. The majority of our competitors are legacy desktop applications.


Our alpha is being used daily in labs at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, UC SF, and UC Santa Cruz.


We are in the middle of a shift from traditional molecular biology to synthetic biology, triggered by the falling prices of DNA synthesis. Ultimately, Benchling is building the collaborative layer for the biotech industry to manage their data explosion.