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Stop emailing PDF and Genbank files to colleagues!

Benchling provides an awesome alternative to VectorNTI and APE that your whole lab will love.

Work from anywhere

Benchling is built with HTML5 goodness which means it works in right in your browser from anywhere. Use our web-based sequence viewer to check for restriction sites, design primers, and annotate your sequences. No more installing programs, no more tech headaches, just click the link and you're good to go. Best of all - publication quality maps and graphs with the click of a button.

No more lost files

All your sequence data is stored in the cloud with one-click import and export from a wide range of formats. Instant search lets you search across all your files by sequence, annotation, or notes. Lost data from hard drive crashes can set your research back by months. Secure yourself from disaster on our cloud.

Collaborate with colleagues

Set up an organization and share your sequence data between colleagues. No one will ever have to ask you for a plasmid map again with Benchling's built-in collaboration features.