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Learn PHP MYSQL In this PHP / MySQL video training title from Robert J. Tucker, you will learn the fundamentals of PHP and MySQL. Instead of your standard "this is a variable" type training however, Robert teaches you how to actually apply PHP and MySQL in real world scenarios. This computer software training takes you through building a CRM (customer relationship management) application, and through this teaches you how to leverage the power of PHP and MySQL. You will learn about variables, standard PHP functions such as date/time, arithmetic and comparison functions, as well as advanced techniques such as sending emails and creating images using the GD libraries. You will also learn how to create databases and tables, and manage your data in MySQL.

By the completion of this training video, you will be fully capable of creating a CRM application, and have all the groundwork laid for creating your own fully featured PHP/MySQL websites and applications. This training software comes complete with extensive work files, and a special website created just to support this training video.

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