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Very Nice Medium Roast Flavor To cut to the chase, this produces a very good MEDIUM roast style cup of coffee...period. Some folks tend to compare all coffees to one another no matter what the bean is and how it's roasted. I do roast my own green beans (home roaster) when I brew a pot of coffee every morning and use the K-Cups when only a single cup is needed. If you don't like that 'in your face' dark roast, dense, heavy style of coffee in the morning (or any time for that matter) this is definitely the coffee for you. It's not bitter, a bit floral, with a true pure coffee taste. Does it match Dunkin Donuts style coffee in taste? I'd say YES to that when using the middle cup size setting on the Keurig brewer....which I use for folks that take milk in their cup, I use the larger cup setting because I drink my coffee black and like that taste profile. The new packaging is OK (you get 2 extra K-Cups for the $$) as long as you have the room in your kitchen to store the larger single opposed to storing the two 24 cartridge boxes. coffee people