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The field of Synthetic Biology is very new, and its propagation in businesses is only in its infancy. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to solving real-world problems through the application of synthetic biology, and as a projected industry leader in the application of this science, we at AmberCycle understand the importance developing the knowledge and technology to sustain such growth. Through publicly demonstrating our focus on solving problems in the most efficient manner, we hope to gain public support for the proliferation of investment into synthetic biology in specific.

We would also like to mention the issue of Intellectual Property, as it deals directly with the technologies developed in this field. Furthermore, in developing AmberCycle Industries through the iGEM Entrepreneurship Competition, we realized there is no efficient mechanism for teams to initiate a discussion regarding taking laboratory constructs and assessing them for economic factors. For these reasons, we created an Economic Toolkit, for the development of other iGEM Entrepreneurship teams in the future.

iGEM Entrepreneurship Economic Toolkit