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Team:UC Davis -


In developing AmberCycle Industries, we would like to acknowledge the efforts put in by our team and advisors to make this project successful.

Business Development: The development and research to construct the business plan was all conducted by the UC Davis iGEMe team. Tasks ranging from contacting industry companies and professionals to visiting local waste management facilities was organized and pursued by the team. Website design, content, and coding was conducted through the team as well.

Elevator Pitch Video: The development of the video was primarily directed and produced by the iGEMe team. The script and screenplay were likewise primarily generated by the team as well. We would like to thank the efforts of Chad A. Schwartz for assistance with the media development, as well as Silas Barker Videography for the video recording and editing. The materials, and settings depicted in the video are all private property of the UC Davis iGEM team. The actors are also team members on the UC Davis Collegiate iGEM team as well.

In specific, we would like to recognize the following individuals for their contribution:

Marc Facciotti, Ph.D.
Chad A Schwartz
John Bissell
Peter Matlock
Tom Hinds
Nancy Rashid, Ph.D.
Ilias Tagkopoulos, Ph.D.
Jeff Beischel