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Please come back 06 February 2012 for final information

Entrepreneurship in iGEM is about creating a new industry in Synthetic Biology, where the biological cell is the underlying technological platform. As with any new industry, it is not clear which business plans will be the most successful. But, there are also more fundamental questions: What Business models will succeed, how will intellectual property affect company formation and funding, what skills are required at each stage of company’s life cycle, how will government policies promote or hinder new companies, what will be the social contract with Synthetic Biology companies, [Insert your question here]?

The purpose of the iGEM Entrepreneurship Division (iGEM E) is to foster the development of new business plans and suggest answers helpful to Synthetic Biology entrepreneurs. For this first year we will be considering tracks: - Business Plans - Economic and Business Models - Industry Development - Business and Regulation

January 19, 2012

iGEM 2012 E starting up

Online registration for the iGEM 2012 Entrepreneurship Competition will be opening soon.

Any questions can be directed to iGEM Headquarters (hq AT or Jose J. Pacheco (jose AT

January 19, 2012


See who is sponsoring the iGEM 2012 E Competition on the sponsors page!

January 19, 2012