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Q: What if our presentation involves IP?

  • A: Before submitting entries, teams should confirm with appropriate legal counsel that any intellectual property described in their summary is protected by appropriate filings, notices, patents, copyrights, or is intended to NOT be bound by them. It is up to the team to inform their advisors about the generally open and educational nature of the competition, and that anything posted in the team Wiki, presented in a written executive summary, abstract or iGEM presentation is considered a public presentation and disclosure. Teams should determine in advance whether their submission describes a technology, invention, copyrightable work or other intellectual property owned by their School or University in accordance with local school policies and legal regulations. Any potentially confidential information in written business plan submissions for judging must be clearly marked as so, and a second revised business plan must be submitted for general public posting and clearly marked on the title page as so.

Q: Does the team composition in iGEM.E be undergraduate like iGEM?

  • A: They don't have to be, but we certainly encourage a mix of grad and undergrad students to maximize learning.