BizBricks is a centralized source for learning and a hub for collaboration.

Its purpose is to provide users access to best practice tools that will enhance their knowledge in pertinence to entrepreneurship, but also create a space where aspiring bio-entrepreneurs have the opportunity to connect with other stakeholders that may demonstrate interest in their technologies and ideas.

An organization is optimally successfully when the product elements from both the disciplines of science and business are well integrated. For years, there has been a particular focus on the scientific potential of synthetic biology but in order to remain sustainable and efficient, it is important that there is an ongoing discussion about the sustainability of the field from an economic perspective.

Our goal is to provide content to entrepreneurs that pertain to three particular stages: Research & Development, Funding and Regulations & Commercialization. The goal is to develop a business development roadmap that provides a concise but comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship to all stakeholders exposed to synthetic biology.

The ultimate goal is to create a collaborative space and a knowledge repository for synthetic biologists and stakeholders that should be engaged within the technology development process. Our vision is to create the foundational e-learning tool for iGEM Entrepreneurship.

Please note that this wiki is mobile and tablet friendly.

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